Do you like to be an Angel?

The casting process is done online only. So please follow the process described below. We do not respond to these requests by telephone.

Work with Elegance Angels. Luxury Barcelona Escort Agency.

At Elegance Angels we undertake an exhaustive and highly selective escort casting process when choosing our Angels.

We are constantly looking for new escorts to collaborate with them. All escorts who pass the escort casting are published in our escorts section.

Once the casting is finished and sent wait 48 hours. After a couple of days if we are interested. We will contact you to arrange a date for the personal interview. But, if you don’t have an answer from us within 48 hours. This means that we are not interested in you being part of our agency. Below you will find some reasons that can make you not pass the escort casting.

We don’t want escorts working in 3 or more agencies

We’re only interested in independent escorts.

Only for adults

If we see that the information or photos are not real

Good luck!

If you are a woman of 18 years or older and think you may match the profile described, the casting process to join our agency is conducted as follows.


    Fill in with your data.


    Attach a short presentation or casting video, or some ordinary, everyday footage. A video taken using your own mobile will suffice, as long as the footage is clear. It does not have to be a professional video, nor do you need to be seen speaking: we simply need to see you moving around. A ‘making of’ video of a photo session will also be acceptable, if you have one. Maximum video size 10MB.


    Attach some everyday photographs (not professionally taken), such as Polaroids, or photos in which you are wearing very little make-up and your face and body can be clearly seen (these photographs will only be used internally, to assess whether you are right for our agency or not). Maximum photo size 2MB.

Should you be deemed suitable for our agency, our casting team will contact you within four days of submitting your application to conduct a personal interview.
Please be assured that all information and photographs you provide will be treated with complete confidentiality and will only be used to evaluate your profile.


Thank you in advance for the interest you have shown in Elegance Angels

Attach us your photos and video using the buttons below (images: gif, jpg, bmp, png; videos: avi, mov, mp4, m4v).

Picture 1 (2 MB max):

Picture 2 (2 MB max):

Picture 3 (2 MB max):

Picture 4 (2 MB max):

Video (10 MB max):

I have read and accept the Privacy Policy

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